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LIRS is the major funding arm of the Lagos State Government charged with the responsibility of collecting taxes and other revenues. Over the years, LIRS has increased the State’s Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) by executing various pioneering programs and implementing strategies which have positively impacted revenue generation and collection. The IGR had gradually moved from a monthly average of about N 11.3 Billion Naira in 2009 to approximately N 32 Billion Naira in 2019, thereby making Lagos State less dependent on proceeds from Federation Account / Federal Allocation. As Lagos State moves towards meeting the needs of a mega city, LIRS continues to position itself as a major funding arm of the state government by putting in place structures that will ensure collection of the proper amount of revenue at the least cost

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With the new LIRS customer service support hotline you can be sure that a qualified tax officer will be available to answer yours calls 0700 CALL LIRS (0700-2255-5477).

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Live Chat on www.lirs.gov.ng & etax.lirs.net.

Mobile App Coming Soon

The official mobile apps for LIRS will soon be launched to ease Tax processes.
Watch this space.


To operate a respected, effective, efficient and transparent internal revenue agency that is adequately equipped to collect the proper amount of tax revenue at the least cost, while serving the public with respect, quality services and products, thereby warranting the highest degree of public confidence in our expertise, efficiency and integrity.


To serve the residents, business community and government agencies within the State, through the provision of fair, accurate and timely information as required from the Board of Internal Revenue to all tax payers in the state, while providing high quality and transparent customer-oriented service.

  • Excellent Support
    Apart from our call center numbers you can also speak to a qualified tax officer through our website chat room. You can be guaranteed a quick and fast response to your question.
  • Qualified Tax Officers
    We pride ourselves in our people as some of the best tax practitioners across the country, on a regular basis we provide employees with continuous training and capacity development.
  • Faster Performance
    With a staff strength of about 3000 employees LIRS continues to prove itself to be a successful agency, playing a critical role in enabling the government to make available funds.
Welcome to Lagos, the Centre of Excellence in Nigeria, and LIRS being the major revenue generating Agency, provides high quality and transparent customer-oriented service.
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